Fix SQLite Database – A Solution For Worthy Outcomes


Impacts of corrupted SQLite database are so harmful that organizations gets clueless that what went wrong with SQLite database and in a hurry they avail any solution to fix SQLite database. Here your intelligence is worth proven because only excellent performance giving tool can repair SQLite database quickly. SQLite Recovery software helps to Fix Corrupted SQLite Database in quite a few moments.

Fix SQLite Corruption Utilizing Features Below:

  • Tool helps you in availing recovered SQLite database which has become inaccessible and unusable
  • It has power to deal with any corruption scenario such as rogue thread, consistent usage of description after closed, issue in file locking processing, cancelling Posix advisory locks, breakage of protocol etc.
  • Recovered SQLite database can be saved in any of the three file formats healthy SQLite.db or in MDB, and MDF. Choose the one fittest to your need
  • SQLite Recovery software works with the damaged SQLite.db files created using any of the SQLite versions such as 3.7.11, 3.7.12,, or 3.7.13,, 3.7.7, and others as well.
  • SQLite database support working with platforms such as Windows ( Win32, WinRT, WinCE) and UNIX( Linux, Android, Mac OS-X, iOS)
  • Healthy SQLite database can be obtained in MDB, SQLite.db, and MDB created in platforms such as Thunderbird, Komodo, IDE, Gecko, Songbird, XULRunner, etc.

How to fix SQLite Database? Utilize Free Trial Run:

Freeware demonstration version of SQLite Recovery software tends you to avail complete process to fix SQLite database. In priceless trial edition, you can access the right process of loading, scanning, and previewing SQLite.db files.

Full Version with Abilities to Save Data:

To save the entire recovered SQLite.db file in the required file format, you need to click ‘Buy Now’ button from official website. Purchase process is also simple to execute, for more details, collect information from tech support team. Save recovered SQLite.db file in the desirable location.